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All ready for Day in a Chair!

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Med-Sled Training on 3/19/14

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Fourteen students and four staff members met after school to get trained on the Med-Sleds. There were four sleds and they got in teams to practice putting students in the sled. After everyone had practiced in the hallway, each team put a teacher in a sled and lowered him safely down the stairway.

After the training, we had a raffle to decide who would get a wheelchair on Monday, March 24th for Day in a Chair. Each student received a certificate and coupon for a FREE burrito from a local taco shop called DonCarlos. The burritos were donated by the owner.


Amount of Time at Training: 1 hour

Amount of Time Blogging: 30 minutes

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Facebook Posts Regarding Med-Sled Training / Day in a Chair

These are a variety of Facebook posts from March 4th to March 18th.







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Med-Sled Training Sign Ups on 3/14 and 3/17/14

At lunchtime on Friday and Monday, I had a table for students to sign up for training. A friend helped me sign students up. Students were enticed to get trained by getting a FREE burrito upon completion. I also posted on Facebook looking for volunteers. Students also knew to sign up on these days because I had it put in the school bulletin.

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Amount of Time Signing Up: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Amount of Time Blogging: 20 minutes

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Guest Blogger: Lindsay Crowe

1) I think Med-Sleds would be helpful for the future because if there is an emergency on the second floor and somebody is stuck up there, there needs to be a quick and efficient way to get that person to safety. Just because somebody cannot get him or herself out of danger alone does not mean leave them there. Everyone should have an equal chance of getting to safety and Med-Sleds could save a person’s life.

2) All schools that have a second floor should have Med-Sleds because not everybody has the advantage of quickly evacuating a dangerous area. Not only people in wheelchairs, but also people who are injured or cannot move fast enough will benefit from having something such as a Med-Sled to prevent further injury or even death. Many people do not understand how difficult it is for some people, but imagine being in the middle of an emergency situation such as a fire and feeling so helpless because there is nothing available to get you safe.

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Disaster Preparedness Seminar on 11/16/13

When?: November 16, 2013; 1:00 p.m.

Where?: San Diego State University

Who?: The County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services

What?: free seminar for healthcare providers and caregivers on how to prepare yourself and disabled people in case of a disaster

Discussion: talked about options for being prepared in different environments, handed out pamphlets with useful information, talked about different apps to help with planning and disaster notification systems

Invitation to Seminar

Invitation to Seminar









Amount of Time Spent at Seminar: 4 hours

Amount of Time Blogging: 25 minutes

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Meeting with Jo Stahnke on 10/25/13

When?: October 25, 2013; 3:15 p.m.

Where?: Girl Scout Resource Center in Balboa Park

Who?: Jo Stahnke (my Girl Scout Gold Award mentor)

What?: get advice on what to do next for Gold Award process

Discussion: came to the conclusion that I can add to my Gold Award idea a S.L.E.D. (Second Level Emergency Deployment) team and put together “Day in a Chair” event at school


Amount of Time Spent at Meeting: 45 minutes

Amount of Time Blogging: 20 minutes

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